It's finally happened. Eight years of television has culminated in a single episode, and the whole Game of Thrones series has come to an end.

How would you sum up the eight-season series in just one tweet to someone who has never seen an episode of the smash-hit fantasy television show? When one Twitter user made the call-out, other social media users responded and some of the responses were perfect.

In a tweet, social psychologist, NYT bestselling author, and Harvard Business School lecturer Amy Cuddy said:

Can someone please explain the plot/story of the entire #GOT series in a single tweet?

If you asketh, Twitter shall provideth... or, something.

Anyway, social media users quickly got to work attempting to sum up the entire series in a single tweet, and the results ranged from informative to hilarious.

This is pretty succinct...

Musical Chairs! Yes, that's it.


Some got... creative.

Others even more so.

Power corrupts. Deep stuff.

Winter is most definitely the worst month.

Power, ambition, and poor impulse control.

Shakespeare, but different.

Let's be honest, the whole thing is pretty... craycray.

This is... interesting.

Oohh, we like how you think.

Ouch, cutting.

Another 'ambition and power' take. We're sensing a theme...

Boobs. Lots of boobs.

Think Lord of the Rings. But then think Peter Stringfellow.

That's that, then! Bye bye Game of Thrones. What on earth are we going to do on a Monday evening, now?

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