A Wisconsin couple have alleged they are being discriminated against after receiving an eviction notice for flying an LGBT+ Pride flag.

Kevin Kollman and Merle Malterer have lived in their apartment in Wisconsin for six years. Yet last week the pair were served an eviction notice by mail which specifically cited the rainbow flag.

The couple provided a copy of the letter to NBC News. It reads:

Tenant shall not, without permission, in the building rules or specific written approval of landlord, physically alter or redecorate the premises, cause any contractor’s lien to attach to the premises, commit waste to the premises or the property of which it is part, or attach or display anything which substantially affects the exterior of the premises or the property of which it is part.

Speaking to WBBH TV, the couple said the letter gave them five days to take down the flag or leave. Kollmann said:

Personally, I feel like we're being kind of singled out here because it's what it is.

The owner, who has not been named, said that the request is not about discrimination and that no one in the property is allowed to fly flags. Though the couple dispute this. Kollmann told NBC that others who live in the complex have flags hanging from their residences, such as American flags.

The couple were originally planning to renew their lease, but are now seeking legal advice and have no plans to take down the flag.

H/T: Newsweek

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