Labour hilariously trolls the Tories with their own Spotify Wrapped meme

Labour has hilariously trolled the Tories with a spoof Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Top songs of the past ten years include "Selling off the NHS" and "Failure to take action on Grenfell" by artists David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

The spoof comes after Spotify made playlists of users' top songs of the last decade.

The UK has been listening to 'austerity' on toryfi for the past ten years on Labour's version.

Some people were living for it.

But not everyone was a fan.

But Labour aren't the only party to jump on a popular meme during their campaign. Who can forget when the Conservatives' YouTube channel posted seventy-two minutes of 'boriswave'?

Labour got in more digs at Boris Johnson under 'quotes to define your decade' which included 'Muslim women "look like letterboxes" and working class men are "drunk, criminal, aimless and feckless".

They also quote Jacob Rees-Mogg saying Grenfell victims "lack common sense" and Dominic Raab saying "feminists are obnoxious bigots".

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