Ben Birchall - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Ben Birchall - WPA Pool/Getty Images

George Osborne is apparently spending his weekend writing next Wednesday's Budget.

On Sunday's Andrew Marr Show, the Chancellor warned the country should brace itself for more spending cuts - especially for disabled people's benefits.

He is also expected to raise the threshold at which people start paying 40p tax, a move which will effectively create a tax break for the middle classes.

In a bid to show he's, you know, human, the Chancellor took to Twitter at lunchtime with a light-hearted post about how he could hear Chris Evans, Matt le Blanc and the rest of the new Top Gear team making a racket outside.

But unfortunately for Osborne, his well-intentioned tweet has gone down like a tonne of The Thick of It bricks.

We almost feel sorry for him.


Not quite.

But almost.

Step away from the internet, George. It's for the best.

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