This woman has shared the shocking story that left her pregnant with her brother's baby

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Vicky Jaggers, from Essex, gave birth to her brother’s baby after he raped her when she was 12 years old. David Jaggers then went on to become a killer.

In a shocking documentary on true crime, the series Britain’s Darkest Taboos catalogues the story of the Jaggers family, as told through interviews with Vicky, her mum, Avril, and a forensic psychologist.

David began getting in trouble with the police as a teenager for theft, as well as almost firing an air rifle at a member of the public.

Vicky described her childhood before the incident as “normal”. But when she was 12 and David was 17, he came into her room when she was sleeping and raped her.

Vicky didn’t tell anyone about the incident, and he raped her a total of three times over three consecutive nights. She then started sleeping on the floor of her parents’ bedroom.

Following these horrific attacks, Vicky found out she was pregnant with his baby, and told her mum the father was someone at her school.

David then went on to be convicted of manslaughter, after strangling his girlfriend, and single mum of two, Helen Mitchell.

You can watch the full documentary here:

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