Donald Trump called for a boycott of Goodyear tyres – despite having them on the presidential limo.

The president urged his supporters to buy "better tyres for far less" after a Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company plant allegedly banned staff from wearing 'Make America Great Again' clothing.

But as many people quickly pointed out, the tyres on Trump's presidential state car – nicknamed 'the Beast' – were produced by Goodyear.

This you?

Some of Trump's loyal supporters posted photos and videos of themselves removing the Goodyear tyres from their cars.

But Goodyear deny that they specifically banned MAGA clothing.

The controversy began when a photo purporting to be a Powerpoint slide from a Goodyear diversity training workshop spread across social media.

According to a report in NBC affiliate WMTV, the slide was presented by an area manager in Topeka, Kansas and the photo was taken by an employee.

But in a statement, Goodyear said:

The visual in question was not created or distributed by Goodyear corporate, nor was it part of a diversity training class.

According to The Hill, Goodyear's stock fell by 3.4 per cent after the president's tweet.

Asked at a press conference whether he would swap out the Goodyear tyres on the presidential limo, Trump said:

Yeah, I would do that. I would swap them out based on what I heard. We’ll see what happens.

Look, you’re going to have a lot of people not wanting to buy that product anymore and they’ll buy from a competitor made in the USA too, okay? Please.

Any actual changes made to 'the Beast' are yet to be seen.

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