Scottish NHS chief’s flashing Christmas jumpers praised for brightening Covid updates

Scottish NHS chief’s flashing Christmas jumpers praised for brightening Covid updates

Throughout the pandemic we’ve sadly had to become accustomed to receiving bad news.

Despite this, some people have gone the extra mile to cheer us up and raise a smile, including NHS Western Isles chief executive Gordon Jamieson.

Over the last few weeks, Jamieson has been showcasing an impressive array of twinkling Christmas jumpers as he shares details of the latest coronavirus cases in the islands.

In clips uploaded to Twitter and Facebook, the festive knitwear he’s sported has featured a slick Santa with sunglasses, a snowboarding Rudolph, and a polar bear clad in a festive jumper of its own.

His seasonal attire, as he delivers updates in front of a snowy backdrop, keeping a serious expression despite the flashing lights, has drawn praise from social media users.

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Some are even hoping he’ll wear a Santa hat on Christmas Eve…

Commenting on Facebook, one viewer wrote: “Thank you for the updates. Also thank you for your jolly jumpers. It adds normality to my life in these stressful times.”

Another said: “Love the jumper at least it cheers us up!”

Others also commended Jamieson for keeping the community up to date during a time marked by uncertainty.

He used to wear plain shirts, but once it got to December 1 Jamieson switched up his sartorial choices.

One Facebook user questioned whether it was appropriate for an NHS chief to deliver serious updates while wearing a Christmas jumper with flashing lights.

However, their concerns were quickly dismissed by others, with comments such as “personally I like to see a little brightness amongst all the gloom right now” and “We love the jumpers Gordon! Brings a bit of festive fun into a time when some find it grim and hard!”

Mr Jamieson said: “It was clear from the outset of the pandemic how important it was going to be to individuals, families and communities to have the right information to help them cope, adjust and deal with the daily challenges we face from this virus.

“Our communities and staff in health and social care have stood alongside us every step of the way, with high levels of compliance with precautions and restrictions and high levels of vaccination uptake.

“In terms of the nightly updates, it’s usually the last thing I do as each day draws to a close.

“I felt that, hopefully, people knowing what is going on in their area on a real-time basis would go some way to help people cope.

“At Christmas 2020 I never imagined that I would be donning once again the festive jumpers to try and bring a little light into these most challenging of times.

“However that is the intention, and if the jumpers make someone smile or feel less anxious, then I’m content.”

Which jumper of his is your favourite?

Additional reporting by PA.

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