Greta Thunberg has received support online once again after delivering another “incredible” speech to world leaders on climate change.

In scenes which are tragically starting to feel like déjà vu, Thunberg continued to call on politicians to do more to tackle the climate emergency – this time at the Austrian World Summit with Alok Sharma, president of the COP 26 climate change conference, and Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister.

Speaking on Thursday, ahead of her school strike for climate entering its 150th week, Thunberg said: “During this time, more and more people around the world have woken up to the climate and ecological crisis, putting more and more pressure on you, the people in power.

“Eventually, the public pressure was too much, and you had the world’s eyes on you. So you started to act.

“Not acting as in taking climate action, but acting as in role playing, playing politics, playing with words and playing with our future. Pretending to take responsibility, acting as saviours as you try to convince us that things are being taken care of.

“Meanwhile the gap between your rhetorics and reality keeps growing wider and wider,” she said.

After Thunberg shared the speech on Twitter on Friday, people heaped praise on the activist, with one writing that she “absolutely knocked it out of the park”:

We would also say that the speech is absolute fire, but that’s probably a poor choice of words when global warming continues to worsen, and according to Thunberg, leaders still aren’t doing enough to stop it.

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