Republican Lauren Boebert’s attempt to troll Greta Thunberg completely backfires

Republican Lauren Boebert’s attempt to troll Greta Thunberg completely backfires

COP26 officially kicked off on Monday in Glasgow with many of the most prominent leaders and figures in the world attending the conference in Scotland to find a solution to the climate crisis.

Also present in the Scottish city was the climate activist Greta Thunberg who caused a scene by first singing “stick your climate crisis up your a**e” and then dropping an f-bomb during an impassioned speech to a crowd of supporters.

“No more blah blah blah. No more whatever the f**k they’re doing inside there,” yelled the teenage activist who is no stranger to speaking her mind and upsetting a few adults, who should really know better.

This brings us nicely to the Republican congresswoman and loyal Donald Trump fan, Lauren Boebert.

The 34-year-old. who was elected as the Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district in 2020, tweeted a clip of Thunberg’s speech adding: “Tell me you have absolutely no idea why you’re protesting without telling me you have absolutely no idea what you’re protesting.”

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Whether Boebert was attempting to make a meme out of Thunberg’s speech or was trying to shame the 18-year-old is a little unclear but the Republican didn’t do herself any favours with the above tweet.

Many quickly pointed out that Boebert was inadvertently promoting Thunberg’s message or criticised her for attacking a youngster who was expressing her thoughts on a very important issue.

Thunberg, who will not be speaking at COP26, did meet with Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon, who admitted that it was “uncomfortable” to be confronted by the likes of Thunberg as she and other activists expose “the hard realities of our own lack of delivery.”

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