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Punk rock legend and former Black Flag frontman turned comedian Henry Rollins has issued a stark warning to Donald Trump supporters.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Rollins said that he thinks that Trump will likely win a second term next year, however, it will probably 'blow up in their faces', and that Trump and his ilk are 'hastening their demise' through their outdated views.

Speaking to the publication, he said:

What’s happening now is young people are saying, ‘Oh, part of my job today, besides being a gorgeous 17-year-old young person, is to not hate gay people, is to not be racist, is to not call someone a ‘fag’ or anyone a ‘bitch.’

I’m not going to be a misogynist like my weird uncle who spouts off at Thanksgiving dinner. Like, that’s one of my jobs, is to not repeat this.’

He added:

And, literally, their demographic is dying.

My neighborhood used to be a post-World War II, Russian, German, Jewish population. But the young, Supreme crowd is coming in.

You drive down the block now, and where it used to be four-foot two-inch-tall people who’d survived the war, and now it’s a bunch of graceful, gazelle-like young people with $900 shoes.

It’s a different time, and what I think you’re going to see is not necessarily rock against Reagan, or get out the vote concerts, as much as you’re going to see “our prom queen this year is my friend Cedric and he got a unanimous vote and the teachers are so pissed.”

That’s what’s going to happen. I think there’s going to be a huge rejection of this really antiquated bigotry.

And so I think what you’re seeing right now is the old guard kicking and screaming as it’s dying off. And that, to me, is 2019 punk rock.

Yep, Henry, we totally agree. That's the definition of youthful rebellion!

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