Donald Trump has again flirted with controversy by weighing into the death of Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly took his own life in his jail cell on Saturday.

Epstein, who is a former associate of the president, who has done his best to distance himself from the alleged child trafficker, was awaiting trial in New York before his death.

Conspiracy theories soon started to circulate online after the reports of his passing were made public as the 66-year-old was said to be no longer on suicide watch, having previously tried to kill himself.

Although there are no reports of foul play the president decided to engage with one conspiracy shared by the conservative comedian Terrence K Williams which attempted to implicate Bill Clinton in Epstein's death.

The completely unfounded accusation which contains no evidence, claims that Epstein had 'information' on Clinton and thus pointed the finger at the former president.

Trump who wasn't tagged in the post somehow retweeted the post which also contained the hashtags #TrumpBodyCount and #ClintonBodyCount.

Moments before he retweeted an unverified news account which reported that Clinton had taken private trips to Epstein's 'paedophilia island'.

Trump has yet to say anything directly about Epstein's death as he is currently on a golfing trip but has found time to tweet about the fake news media, China, Bill Maher, Joe Biden and Anthony Scaramucci.

Regardless, the fact that the president has opted to promote a completely unproven conspiracy theory against a former president has caused Trump critics to react with fury.

This is hardly the first time that Trump has engaged in a conspiracy theory. In May he shared tweet that spread Islamophobia and had previously accused Barack Obama of using a fake birth certificate which should have excluded him from ever becoming president.

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