Here are 30 ways you can help refugees

David Cameron has announced that Britain will house more than 20,000 refugees from Syria.

The refugees will be resettled over the course of the current Parliament, he told MPs.

The move follows a sharp increase in public pressure in the past week to do more to help, including a petition launched by The Independent which has been signed by more than 350,000 people.

In a House of Commons statement, the prime minister said:

In doing so we will continue to show the world that this country is a country of extraordinary compassion, always standing up for our values and helping those in need. Britain will play it's part alongside our other european partners.

While Mr Cameron's announcement is a welcome one, there are still millions more who have been displaced by war, not only in Syria, but in other parts of the Middle East, Africa and Europe who are still in need.

Here are 29 ways you can help:

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