The remarkable story of a woman raising thousands of dollars for a homeless man is about to make you tear up all over again.

It all started when Kate McClure noticed her petrol tank was empty while driving in Philadelphia.

Realising she had no money, she thought was stuck - until she was approached by a homeless man named Johnny who filled a can of petrol using his last $20.

Touched, McClure set up a crowd-funding page to raise money for Johnny.

The fund had a relatively modest start, though a figure in the hundreds must have felt awe-inspiring at the time.

But then the page went viral. Very viral.

Yesterday, the figure reached $116,000, according to The Independent.

Now - at the time of writing - an incredible $290,190 has been raised.

Picture:Picture: GoFundMe

Here he is Johnny holding an article in the local paper about himself:

We're all excited to find out how Johnny spends all his money.

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