It's not always easy to get a straight answer out of a politician.

Often they'll say one thing and mean something entirely different.

Or they'll wholeheartedly endorse something, just to U-turn on it the following day.

This is one of those occasions.

Conservative politician Iain Duncan Smith was in full damage control mode this morning while he attempted to put a brave face on a series of embarrassing Tory defeats.

With the exit poll proving scarily accurate, a Conservative minority government seems like a sure fire thing.

Conservative MPs around the country have been questioned by the press on whether they believe their leader, Theresa May, should resign - considering she was the one who called for a snap election in the first place.

IDS had a simple message to his colleagues for dealing with these kinds of situations.

Right now, the Conservative party, all my colleagues need to just take a deep breath, and not gp on the media. To talk to the media.

He explained this while 'on the media' (the BBC to be exact) and while talking to the media.


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