This Theresa May tweet has aged horribly

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The exit poll is in and it currently looks pretty dismal for the Conservative party.

Theresa May called the election in the hopes that she would increase her majority in Parliament- a hope that seemed fairly concrete back in April.

However, in the weeks that followed, Labour's dismal looking poll numbers improved and now it seems that the Conservatives could be set to lose 17 seats.

On 20 May, only a matter of weeks ago, Theresa May tweeted the following:

The tweet leads to a longer Facebook post, but the most interesting line is the first one.

17 seats is a little higher than the 6 she warned about.

The internet never forgets.

And people are re-sharing it.

It's like a page from a tragic musical.

The left are excited.

Life does indeed come at you fast.

Politico's UK correspondent Charlie Cooper tweeted that Labour campaign officials are going to hold Mrs May to this tweet.

It's almost Trumpian in the 'Tweets which haven't aged well' sense.

Everyone is on tenterhooks.

Could this be the first instance of a Prime Minister pre-resigning?

Everyone will be watching the results with bated-breath.

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