Idris Elba leaves fans baffled with 'ridiculous' suggestion that we should spend a week in quarantine every year forever

Lockdown measures around the world have spawned some interesting by-products, like a flour shortage and quarantine club nights.

But it’s also given ordinary people a look into thee homes of celebrities, many of whom have not necessarily been dealing with the current situation as well as you could have expected. The most recent example is Idris Elba, who recently told Associated Press that he thinks we should spend a week in quarantine every year, “just to remember this time.”

Elba was one of the first people in the UK to publicly test positive for Covid-19, although him and his wife have made a full recovery now. Elba and his wife filmed the interview as part of an initiative they’re taking part in, to launch a $40m fund to help farmers and food producers throughout this pandemic.

He made the comment while pointing out how much upheaval the world has undergone as a result of this novel coronavirus.

On social media, people were less than impressed. Some people pointed out how nonsensical the idea was. One user suggested that we lick a rat every year – to remember the bubonic plague.

Others pointed out that Elba’s recent movie roles might indicate we shouldn’t take advice from him.

Another Twitter user even suggested that we should see how many years we can convince Idris Elba that quarantine is still happening for.

But, as with a lot of celebrities' reactions to lockdown – such as Ellen comparing it to a prison – one Twitter user pointed out that it was easier to suggest measures like this if you had a multi million dollar mansion and no worries about staying out of work.

Going into quarantine like this again – a year from now – will probably be something Idris undertakes by himself.

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