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Do you ever get that feeling after a meal that you have swollen like a balloon and gained a couple of pounds?

This phenomena is something that we can all experience from time to time but we rarely capture the result - why would you?

Step in fitness blogger and student Lauren Tickner who has expertly captured what the bloating sensation can look like and how quickly it can take affect.

Taking two pictures, one in the morning and one in the evening, Lauren shows how dramatically her body changed in just a few hours.

Lauren's image has since gone viral and has received over 6000 likes in just 3 days.

The change in size wasn't down to a intense eating session, just a long haul flight.

Lauren, who suffers from an inflammatory bowel disorder admitted that she would remedy the situation by simply returning to her regular routine.

This was evident in her follow up posts on Instagram.

Fluctuating shapes and stomachs are non uncommon things for anyone to experience, it has nothing to do with weight gain.

Rhiannon Lambert, a Harley Street nutritionist told the Independent:

It is a very simple case of the fact that after a night sleep we have digested our food and we are often dehydrated; therefore our bodies appear slimmer and lighter.

It is common for an average body to fluctuate in weight by 2-3kg over the course of the day.

If you consumed a high-carbohydrate or high-sodium meal the night before, you might retain more fluid.

She also adds that a weight lifting session at the gym can often lead to swelling around muscles.

Menstruation can also lead to this effect for women, altering how slim they can feel at the start of a day.

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