Ivanka Trump is getting an office in the White House and people have questions

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Tuesday 21 March 2017 14:15

Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, said she would play no role in her father’s administration – but she’s still getting her own space in the White House.

It gets weirder.

According to her attorney Jamie Gorelick, Ivanka will provide advice and serve as her father’s “eyes and ears,” Politico reports.

Gorelick admitted that having an adult child “actively engaged in the work of the administration” is new. He said she will “voluntarily comply” to the same rules as if she were an official employee, even though she isn’t.

But people have a few questions:

Some warmly welcomed her:

Others saw the positives:

But there were some people who resorted to sarcasm:

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