Ivanka Trump went to see a play with Justin Trudeau and everyone is making the same joke

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On Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a theatre production of Come From Away, about a small town in Newfoundland that welcomed thousands of air travellers from various parts of the world following the closure of American airspace after attacks on September 11 2001.

He attended the theatre production, teeming with symbolism, alongside Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

You'll remember Ivanka's expression when she's near Justin, right?:


There were the inevitable Jared Kushner jokes:

Others were pointing out the irony of Ivanka watching a play about welcoming foreign people...

Donald Trump's attempt at pushing a temporary ban of immigrants from six Muslim-majority was blocked again, this time by a Hawaii federal judge. The US president insists that he will take the case "as far as it needs to go" including to the Supreme Court.

Irony seemed to the word-of-the-day actually...

But most people were making the same joke...


Trudeau attended the play at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater with his wife Sophie, and hosted 600 people, including Ivanka, and over 125 ambassadors to the United Nations, as well as family and friends.

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