Ivanka Trump said her father didn't authorise the use of lethal force on migrants, so Good Morning America showed her footage of him doing just that

The Trump administration are a frustrating bunch of people as, no matter what they say, they rarely get their comeuppance.

Basically lying or avoiding facts is a part of their everyday activity and, no matter what they get pulled up on, they seem to keep finding ways to avoid the truth.

Yet there might be a way to catch them out on their misdemeanours and their complicity in obeying some of Trump's controversial policies.

Recently Ivanka Trump was taking part in a PR tour with Apple CEO Tim Cook, where they aimed to talk about technology related topics.

Deborah Roberts of Good Morning America had different ideas and decided to instead ask her about the tear gassing of innocent immigrant children and families at the US border.

When asked about the footage of children feeling for their lives, Ivanka said it was 'devastating to see children put at risk' and that she was angry that they hadn't been able to 'come together as a nation and change our laws'.

Roberts then pulled up Ivanka on her father's policy of using lethal force if necessary to prevent the immigrants from entering America, but she was confident that her old man didn't say that.

I don't believe that's what he said but his primary role as commander in chief is to protect our borders and the nation's security but lethal force isn't something anyone is talking about.

Ivanka seemed confident that her answer would suffice and no one would think otherwise. That was until she was shown footage of Trump authorising lethal force at the border.

This prompted this response from a red-faced Ivanka:

So, lethal force under any circumstance would be the last resort but he is the commander in chief of the armed forces of this country so he always has to be able to protect the border.

He's not talking about innocence, so he's not talking about innocent asylum seekers.

No one wants to see anyone get hurt and for many months with talked about finding that bipartisan solution and fixing this border crisis. 

No one can now look at this situation with the caravans and say that our border is not in crisis.

GMA shared the footage on Twitter and people couldn't help by revel in Ivanka's shameless defence of her father.

They also tried to get Ivanka's take on the criticisms aimed at her for using a government email for private matters, and also see if she would admit that what she did was no different to what Hillary Clinton had done.

Unsurprisingly, she didn't see any similarities between the two stories.

That latter point is a bit harder to prove as there is no video evidence, but if this interview proved anything, all you need to do to call out the Trumps is have a handy video available of them contradicting themselves.

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