Just 8 really funny jokes about the Jacob Rees-Mogg scuffle

Just 8 really funny jokes about the Jacob Rees-Mogg scuffle

Jacob Rees-Mogg isn't the first politician you would picture getting into a fight.

The Conservative MP for North East Somerset is a very well spoken individual, with an Eton college education who regularly hears out both sides of an argument before sharing his thoughts.

Although his politics might be divisive to some he isn't a violent individual in the slightest.

However, when things began to turn nasty at a speech he was giving at the University of West England in Bristol, the 48-year-old politician was the first to step-in to try and calm things down.

The BBC report that during his speech a group of masked protestors burst into the hall the and attempted to disrupt the event.

The group, which clearly opposed Mr Rees-Mogg's views, were approached by the MP who offered them a chance to engage with him and debate.

Unfortunately, they didn't seem interested in that and as voices grew louder a scuffle broke out, with fists being raised and plenty of pushing and shoving.

The incident seemed to be resolved quickly, and thankfully no major harm befell anyone on either side, but it made headlines across the media.

Politicians from both sides of the divide complimented Mr Rees-Mogg on the impressive way he handled the matter and his attempts to preserve free speech.

The internet was captivated by the event and quickly cracked a few jokes.

Here are eight of the most amusing ones.

The first rule of Rees-Mogg Fight Club is...

The protestors clearly weren't up to much when you think about it.

In all fairness, it wasn't much of a fight at all (thank goodness).

Although we would have loved to have seen how Rees-Mogg would have resolved it.

It did present a grim vision of the future though.

Could the MP for North East Somerset be the next James Bond?

His next suit might not be what you are expecting.

Even the man himself made a joke about the incident.

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