Infamous YouTuber Jake Paul faces controversy yet again after tweeting that 'anxiety is created by you'
Jake Paul/YouTube

Another day, another YouTuber tweeting out ridiculous nonsense in what seems to be a sustained effort on behalf of many influencers to get themselves cancelled.

Today we have Jake Paul, famous for:

- His anti-hit song "It's Everyday Bro" (which earnt the prestigious accolade of the third most disliked song ever posted on YouTube)
- Endless promotion of merch and sponsorships to an incredibly young audience
- Being at the forefront of a Shane Dawson series examining whether or not he's a psychopath (spolier: Dawson thinks not – others remain confused)
- Being involved in a video in which his assistant accused his nemesis FaZe Banks of assault, an allegation which was subsequently retracted
- Getting sued by the owners of his house for $2.5m after his pranks left the house "in shambles"
- Livestreaming his wedding (the legitimacy of which many questioned) to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau – for $50-$75 per viewer 

So no stranger to controversy.

But his latest Twitter misfire is more than just an eyeroll moment. In a now-deleted tweet, he decided to comment on mental health... in the worst possible way – by telling his followers (many of whom are likely incredibly young) that:

Anxiety is created by you.

Let's break this down.

Needless to say, anxiety is a mental health condition for which it is advised to seek treatment from a mental health professional, NOT something that is solved by going for a walk, having a casual chat with a friend or "chilling your mind out", whatever that means.

It's a dangerous position to advocate to his 3.7 million Twitter followers.

Paul received such backlash to his tweet that he subsequently deleted it, and followed up by saying that actually it's a good thing because he's raising awareness. Unclear what he means as the people criticising him are presumably well aware of anxiety and how we should and should not speak about mental heath issues.

Many people who struggle with anxiety are making the point that his tweet changes absolutely nothing.

We can only hope that Jake Paul is simply ignorant as opposed to trolling us all at the expense of people with mental health issues.

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