What you need to know about the Logan Paul sex tape everyone's talking about
Getty/Instagram/James Charles

Stop the presses, people (or, we should say, "crash Twitter") - Logan Paul is trending again and it's as controversial as ever.

The YouTuber (famous for *that* suicide forest video, allegedly sleeping with his brother's girlfriend and reinventing himself as a professional boxer) has now gone full Paris Hilton and released a sex tape. Sort of.

Footage surfaced on the internet of a guy who bears some resemblance to Paul going down on another man. It's interesting for a number of reasons beyond the obviously salacious - namely that while he's always presented as straight, he said earlier this year that he was going to "attempt to go gay" for March.

While we stan a bicurious celebrity unencumbered by the toxic masculinity which prevents many men from exploring their sexuality, it bears repeating that there's no such thing as "going gay". Not for Paul and not for all the straight women who were performatively thirsting over Megan Rapinoe earlier this year.

Anyway, moving on. Paul responded to the rumours of the sex tape in a - presumably tongue-in-cheek - tweet, saying he'd release the whole thing if he hit 100,000 retweets.

Things then took a weird turn when he followed it up with another tweet telling fellow YouTuber James Charles that he was "next".

Charles - who is gay, in case you live under a rock - responded to the tweet (we'll let you figure out if it was a proposition or a threat) in a call-back to his internet-breaking controversy earlier this year, in which he was accused of predatory behaviour towards straight men.

The whole debacle has got Paul trending on Twitter. We're reticent to suggest this could have been the intention all along, but if it was, it's a very well-played move.

Watch this space for those 100,000 retweets. If you dare.

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