Jameela Jamil's new job is peak cultural appropriation and people are outraged


Jameela Jamil has just been announced as a judge for HBO Max’s new TV voguing competition, Legendary, and people have a lot of thoughts.

The first being: why wasn’t someone who has actual experience in the ballroom scene chosen for the gig?

For clarity, fellow judges of the show include rapper Megan Thee Stallion, celebrity stylist Law Roach and vogue icon Leiomy Maldonado, alongside a weekly rotating guest judge.There will also be commentary by self-described "king of vogue" Dashaun Wesley and DJ MikeQ.

But as soon as the announcement was made, people questioned the The Good Place actor’s credentials for the top judging spot.

Then actress Trace Lysette swooped in with some more tea:

Defending herself, Jameela later responded:

She also tweeted:

I’m a long time fan of ballroom and just wanted to help this show get made to celebrate this beautiful community.

Fellow judge of the show Leiomy then tweeted her support for her new co-host, vouching:

THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH US! Can’t wait to make the world gag!

To which Jameela excitedly responded:

I love you and can’t wait to start work with you queen

Legendary will see 10 voguing houses (made up of four members and a house parent) compete against each other to come out on top and achieve ‘legendary’ status.

It does not currently have a release date.

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