James O'Brien's row with a caller who backed Boris Johnson's debate no-show is hilarious

James O'Brien's row with a caller who backed Boris Johnson's debate no-show is hilarious

If you're in need of being cheered up, then James O'Brien having a row with a caller to his LBC show, who supported Boris Johnson's no-show in the first televised leadership contest debate, might be just what you're looking for.

The caller, Richard, argued that Johnson was right to swerve one of the Tory leadership debates, however, he was equally convinced that O'Brien had made comments that quite simply hadn't happened.

Speaking to O'Brien, Richard said:

He was very aware that he would have been criticised, as you are now criticising all the people who attended…

However, when pressed to give an example, it goes without saying that the caller struggled, causing him to simply double down on his accusations.

Stop talking over me, you rude man!

After losing his patience with Richard to answer the question, O'Brien finally said:

The reason why I categorically haven't criticised any of the contenders in last nights' debate is because I didn't watch it. 

Therefore the only person I can criticise is the person who is too frit to turn up.

But if you are now so morally and intellectually compromised that you're pretending that not turning up is somehow a sign of anything other than cowardice, then you end up appearing on national radio and making a complete muppet of yourself.

Ouch! Don't play with fire, because you'll get burned!

It goes without saying that people on Twitter loved the dispute, and thought that O'Brien was brilliant.

Listen to the whole discussion below.


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