Musician Jarvis Cocker is pretty fed up with all this 'no to another referendum' talk.

With less than three months to go before the Brexit deadline, he's compelling MPs and regular folk alike to back a second referendum - using a clever analogy about music.

It's pretty much Jarvis being Jarvis.

The Pulp frontman took part in a Politics Live debate after he spoke at the Convention group alongside MPs in London. He said:

I think the great unifying chart hit of today would be called something like 'Are You Sick of Hearing, Reading, Eating, Breathing, Dreaming About Brexit?' There is a chart-topper if ever I heard one.

 The UK pop charts used to be this crazy collision of rampant commerce and grassroots democracy.

People from all walks of life and different backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, gender orientations, shoe sizes... could find that they actually had something in common. They liked dancing to a particular song.

I'm mentioning the pop charts because I actually think they do shed some light on Brexit. And particularly on the validity of a second referendum. 

Because that referendum result is the equivalent of single entering the UK Top 40 at 19. 

The 55-year-old went on to have a conversation with himself about it:

'Limping in at number 19.' You're having a laugh. 

We wouldn't have even dared to call it a hit back in the day, we really wouldn't. We definitely wouldn't have dared to call it 'the will of the people'. 

Let's do it again. Let's have a second referendum and let's define a margin of victory this time. And then let's put this nightmare behind us and move onto thinking about something more interesting instead. Like dancing for instance. 

Jarvis, who splits his time between London and France, rammed the point home about the need for another referendum on Politics Live, where he told a panel of speakers:

Everybody who was the architect of Brexit just walked away as soon as it happened. so obviously they didn't expect this to happen. and both sides basically agree that this deal that's being voted on in three or four days is rubbish.

The voice of reason comes after over 100 Members of Parliament (MEPs) sign an emotional letter to the British public asking them to reconsider leaving the EU to prevent an 'unfolding Brexit disaster'.

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