A grime artist tried to teach Jeremy Corbyn a gang sign and it didn't go well

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Grime and Jeremy Corbyn are probably the oddest bedfellows in Britain right now.

Yet the British hip-hop scene have been firmly behind the Labour leader for what feels like forever.

Skepta, JME and Stormzy haven't shied away from their support for him, fully endorsing his politics and kickstarting the #Grime4Corbyn movement.

The two are basically inseparable now.

During the election campaign Corbyn did an interview with JME.

There were also some very entertaining parody videos.

Stormzy even started a 'Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn' chant during his set at Glastonbury.

In another chapter in this bizarre relationship, Jeremy Corbyn has been trying to learn gangs signs.

Saskilla, another artist from the scene tried to show the MP how to throw up a W to represent Woolwich, south-east London.

It didn't really go to plan.

Others agreed.

Not sure about you, but we can't see this going down too well in the Commons at PMQs.

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