Midterm elections too early to call critical Senate seats

According to exit polls from the midterm elections, unmarried women overwhelmingly voted Democratic, and Fox News host Jesse Watters has a solution to help the GOP pick up those votes.

"Get married."

Watters, 44, reviewed results and voting patterns from the midterm elections Wednesday night on Jesse Watters Primetime.

While Republicans are likely to win the House of Representatives, the predicted "red wave" never seemed to show up and Watters believes unmarried women contributed heavily.

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"Single women are breaking for Democrats by 30 points and this makes sense when you think about how Democrat policies are designed to keep women single," Watters said.

The Fox News host claimed that once women get married, they vote Republican.

"Single women and voters under 40 have been captured by Democrats, so we need these ladies to get married," Watters said.

Watters implored "guys" to "go put a ring on it" and told women "it's time to fall in love and just settle down" for the sake of the Republican Party.

Married and unmarried women online reacted to Watters' suggestion with displeasure.

"As a married lady and lifelong Democrat, I can give Jesse Watters some advice about where to put that ring," a Twitter user wrote.

"Hey, Jesse Watters! This retired Air Force veteran has been married for 30 years!! I've been a Democrat for 35 years!" Maia tweeted.

"As a 67 year old woman married for 48 years to/ & am a life long Democrat, @JesseBWatters is full of it. Younger women just aren't putting up with your sexist patriarchal bulls***. If putting a ring on it makes you vote against yourself, stay single," a Twitter user tweeted.

Many people encouraged Watters to understand why unmarried women more often vote for Democrat candidates- with abortion being one of the main reasons.

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