U.S. midterms | Key takeaways from the results

The so-called 'red wave' that was supposed to happen during the US midterm elections on Tuesday wasn't so much of a tsunami, as predicted but more of a light drizzle.

At this stage, the race for the House is still a little too close to call but it is likely to go the way of the Republicans but the Senate is still up in the air.

What is obvious though is that the so-called 'red wave' that Republicans had predicted would transpire did not, as many Democrats managed to fend off fierce competition from their red opponents in some highly charged races and over-performed against the analysis from political experts.

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Many of Donald Trump's endorsed candidates such as Mehmet Oz, who was running for the Senator job in Pennsylvania, didn't have much of a fun time either but as already mentioned, a lot of their races are still up in the air.

Given that things didn't quite pan out as they had hoped, 'red wave' memes have been going viral on Twitter as people mock the Republicans for their underwhelming performance on the night.

Even Ben Shapiro couldn't resist making a joke.

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