Another day, another Brexit blunder.

This time all eyes are on Julia Hartley-Brewer who took the time out of her skiing holiday in Switzerland yesterday to tweet about free movement – and it backfired badly.

In a series of tweets, the talkRADIO presenter boasts how easily she can cross the border between France and Switzerland, saying:

Yes, I know Switzerland is in Schengen. But we aren’t now, and we won’t be after Brexit, so why does anything have to change if the British and EU leaders are sensible and agree that it doesn’t need to

While Hartley-Brewer at least acknowledges she knows that Switzerland is in the Schengen area (something Brexiteer Quentin Letts seemed confused about last week), the journalist seems not to have opted for a truck full of goods as her means of transport to her holiday destination.

People were also quick to point out that the reason it might have been so easy for her to cross the border in the first place is because the UK is, as of 29 of March at least, still in the EU...

We have a strong feeling that this tweet will age very well.

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