The truth behind that viral picture of 'Justin Bieber' has finally been revealed

Yes Theory/ YouTube

In news that we already knew, that viral picture of Justin Bieber eating a burrito was fake. But until now, nobody knew who was responsible for the hoax.

Now the perpetrators have stepped forward and revealed just how they managed to pull off this elaborate stunt, which fooled nearly everyone in the media.

The Yes Theory is a contingent of YouTube pranksters who hired a Justin Bieber look-a-like to eat a burrito sideways and photograph it.

Once they got the snap, they set about trying to make it go viral and decided that the subreddit r/MidlyInfuriating was the best method.

The picture soon became a gigantic hit on the internet and found it's way on to major news sites and TV channels.

As the picture grows bigger and bigger, they realise just how big of a situation that they've gotten themselves into, as they are invited to do interviews where they adopt pseudonyms.

Although it's strange watching grown men get excited for what is nothing more than a prank, it is fascinating just to see how quickly things got out of hand.

Watch their short documentary in the video below.

Now that the news is officially out that the picture was fake, people have been reacting and many of them don't know what to think.

HT Gizmodo

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