50 hilarious, shocked and horrified reactions to Kanye West running for president

If you’re just waking up, bleary-eyed, and looking at your phone: welcome to another ridiculous day in 2020, where Kanye West has announced he’s running for president this year.

West made the announcement on Twitter, where he’s been cancelled more times than we can count. And he quickly received endorsements from his pal Elon Musk and wife Kim Kardashian.

So what’s happening?

West’s political history has been mixed. He’s previously endorsed Republicans like Trump, but also Democratic candidates. Now he’s running as an independent, having previously said he’d hold off until 2024 because of his friendship with president Trump. His announcement is too late to even make it on to the ballot in states such as Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and Texas.

What are people saying about it?

There’s certainly a lot of chat about this online. On Twitter, reactions range from bewilderment to mockery and concern.

Some people think he's splitting the vote to get Trump elected, and others aren't ready to forgive his previous statements on Trump and slavery. Some think it's hilarious and others are seriously worried.

Here's a selection of the funniest, fairest and most ridiculous reactions...

If one thing's for sure, it's that people aren't going to agree on this any time soon.

But who could expect anything different? This is 2020, after all.

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