Why women called 'Karen' went on TV this morning to talk about their name

Why women called 'Karen' went on TV this morning to talk about their name

On today's episode of This Morning, three women named Karen appeared on the show to share their thoughts on the fact that their name is a meme and how it’s affecting their lives.

They argued that it’s unfair to use the name Karen to describe “racist, entitled anti-maskers.”

One Karen admitted that she is changing her name because of the connotations, while another set up a petition to stop the negative use of the name Karen.

“My name is Karen, and I've had enough of my name and my Karen friends being used to describe racist women in the tabloids,” the petition’s description reads. “This also applies to all other names like 'Susan' to be described as a collection of terrible people in the media.”

“It started off being quite funny to be honest,” said Karen Masters in the show’s segment. “Then when the Black Lives Matter protests started, a lot of the media [labelled] Karens ‘racist.’”

She continued: “I feel that we, as Karens, can’t talk about how this is affecting us because we are told that we are entitled if we do this.”

As a meme, the name Karen is used to describe a middle-aged white woman who is typically ignorant and entitled.

Lots of viewers saw some level of irony in the whole thing.

Others criticised This Morning for painting Karens as victims, while ignoring the bigger issue of systemic racism that minorities face everyday.

There has been a growing debate over whether the use of Karen is actually a misogynistic slur, with someone even going as absurdly far as equating it to the N-word.

However, others argue that this is missing the point, since the original definition of the term is linked to racism.

It's complicated, although we can all agree that having your name turnd into a meme must be quite irritating.

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