Man tries to make Kellyanne Conway say ‘sorry I’m ruining America’

Alfredo Pelicci/Facebook screengrab

Alfredo Pelicci is a 28-year-old lawyer from Washington who was dining at the Lupo Verde restaurant when he noticed the president’s controversial counselor, Kellyanne Conway, and her bodyguard.

He told BuzzFeed News that he’d approached Conway for a selfie but pressed record instead.

And then he delivered the following line:

Say ‘I’m ruining America!’

Conway stared at the camera, still smiling, before responding:

Happy? You must feel really brave saying that.

Given its prime 'meme potential', the exchange was quickly shared online.

Some people really liked it:

Nailed it?

Others were more the type to scream ‘stupid liberals’ into the void:

Overall though, most reactions were like this:

Why did Pelicci do that?

He doesn’t agree with the administration – of which she is a prominent part – and their vision of America.

This administration is threatening the safety of transgender students, is actively targeting religious minorities, and is tearing apart families that have been in this country for nearly their whole lives.

There is also this:

HT BuzzFeed

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