Kylie Jenner mocked after admitting that she has only just tried cereal with milk

By now, we really shouldn't be surprised at anything the Kardashian family do or say.

They live on a plain of existence that few of us are ever likely to experience nor should we try to comprehend how they could possibly live their strenuous lifestyle.

Take for instance 'self-made' billionaire Kylie Jenner, who revealed a personal experience on Twitter on Tuesday night which apparently changed her entire life.

That's right, the 21-year-old, who is a member of the possibly the most famous family on the planet, had never tried a bowl of cereal with milk until this very week.

Quite how she had gone 21 years without having this experience in a little beyond us, but it's 2018 and to be honest we can't predict anything anymore.

Once people saw this tweet people had just one question: 'What had she been using before?'

People then began suggesting other food and drink that Kylie should consider trying.

Not now, Eliza, there are more important things happening.

Eventually, Kylie revealed what she had been doing for all this time and it shook the very fabric of society to its core.

Good grief!

However, it appears that Kylie did see the funny side in all of this and began to respond to some questions.

Just to prove that she isn't alone in having this unusual cereal preference, others began to say they also preferred their cereal dry.

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