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You wouldn't think it but dictionaries on Twitter happen to be some of the sassiest accounts going.

Both Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster are no strangers to trolling but they mostly stick to US politics, aiming their jibes at the Trump administration.

In an unusual twist, Dictionary.com has turned their attention to Kylie Jenner and Forbes for a questionable headline about the Kardashian family member.

Featuring on the front cover of their latest magazine, 21-year-old Jenner is named amongst the 60 richest self-made women in the US and the youngest billionaire in the US.

This is an acknowledgement of a cosmetic brand now becoming a $900-million empire and that's fair, I guess.

Yet, this just doesn't feel right.

The problem here is not that Jenner is rich and successful, she obviously is, but she was literally born into fame, fortune and success.

She could probably build a $900m empire if she was selling old socks such is the idolisation of celebrities now, especially the Kardashians.

Dictionary.com were quick to notice this problem and threw so much shade on Forbes it might as well have been a parasol on hot summer's day.

Needless to say, everyone found it very amusing.

Others found it a little contentious.

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