Labour is launching their new manifesto with a promise to put economic credibility at the heart of Labour’s programme for government.

Ed Miliband will try to break with Labour’s past – and will risk disappointing the party’s left wing as well as potential allies in a hung parliament – with a guarantee that every policy commitment will be fully funded and not require borrowing.

Speaking in Manchester, Miliband will say: “Our manifesto is different to previous elections. It does not do what most manifestos do. It isn’t a shopping list of spending policies.

“It does something different. Its very first page sets out a vow to protect our nation’s finances, a clear commitment that every policy in this manifesto is paid for without a single penny of extra borrowing.”

Thankfully Labour's break with the past includes hiring a new designer:

Labour is the first major party to publish its manifesto and will be followed on Tuesday by the Conservatives and on Wednesday by the Liberal Democrats.

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