Labour's post-election demise summed up by one very stark chart

Three out of four people think Labour is now less electable than it was at the May general election.

A poll by ORB for the Independent suggests that voters think Labour has gone backwards since its crushing defeat under Ed Miliband.

Only 24 per cent of people believe the party is more electable than it was in May, while 76 per cent say it is less electable.

The poll of 2,000 people showed that younger voters (18-24) were most likely to think Labour more electable, although even 67 per cent of that age group think it is less electable.

Labour has not impressed older voters (only 15 per cent think it more electable) since the election and has also gone backwards in Scotland (only 18 per cent saying it is more electable).

The ORB findings will alarm many Labour figures. Some fear the party is repeating the mistakes it made during its post-election leadership contest in 2010, when Ed Miliband narrowly defeated his older brother David.

The Conservatives used the four-month vacuum to blame the deficit on Labour’s overspending in government before the 2007 financial crisis – a claim which still haunted Labour at this year’s election.

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