Here's what Liz Kendall has to say about whether Andy Burnham is sexist

Labour party leadership candidate Liz Kendall picked her words very carefully when talking about one of her rivals during an interview with Channel 4 News on Saturday.

Shadow Justice Secretary Lord Falconer of Thoroton, who is supporting Kendall's rival candidate Andy Burnham, suggested in a column for The Times on Friday that Kendall and the other female candidate, Yvette Cooper, could not “steer the Labour Party through the challenging few years ahead of us.”

When asked whether she thinks Burnham or people within his camp are sexist, Kendall deflected the questions, saying instead that the greatest sexism she's faced so far in the leadership race has been from journalists, rather than the Labour party.

Actually I think the most sexist questions I've been asked have been by the media and not by anyone else in my party.

Kendall added that Falconer's assertion that she and Cooper can't lead is wrong and that both of them are "fighting to win and we'll keep on doing that til the end... we are tough, passionate, confident women who can lead our party and country."

Watch the interview below:

"The most sexist questions have been asked by the media, not by anybody else in my party." But Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall also rejects comments made by one of rival Andy Burnham's supporters, Lord Falconer of Thoroton, that she and Yvette Cooper MP are not up to the job. Lord Falconer has since said that the controversy had been caused by an "inaccurate headline".Watch more:

Posted by Channel 4 News on Saturday, 25 July 2015
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