Lara Trump has been slammed for claiming those who live near the southern border in America may need to arm themselves against migrants trying to enter the US.

Trump’s daughter in law (luckily married to Eric Trump) attracted widespread criticism after, speaking on Fox News, she said: “I don’t know what you tell people that live at the southern border. I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready and maybe they are going to have to start taking matters into their own hands.

“It should never happen, these people should never make this dangerous journey here.”

Trump was discussing Biden’s immigration policies and ranting about people who enter the US from Mexico.

It came after figures revealed that 180,000 attempts were made to cross the border last month, the highest number in decades.

Reacting to her rant, people were shocked and disgusted. Russell Foster, a Democrat who is running for Congress in Texas said: “This is dangerous.”

“The former president’s daughter-in-law is calling for people to shoot immigrants. It’s worse after multiple mass shootings over the last few days in Texas and elsewhere. This could lead to an uptick in hate crimes across the country.”

And posting on Twitter, some said she was misrepresenting the views of people on the border:

Others said she was promoting violence and said she should not be allowed to espouse her views on broadcast.

Whether the backlash is enough to illicit a response from Fox News or Lara Trump remains to be seen.

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