Eric Trump claims random people hug him with tears in their eyes because they miss his dad
Fox News/ Screengrab

It hasn’t even been six months since Donald Trump left the White House and was banned from every social media website going and people are starting to get emotional about his absence.

At least that’s what his son Eric Trump is claiming. The 37-year-old bizarrely told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that random people are now hugging in the street because they miss his father.

He said: “I can tell you more people have come up to me on the street in the last week and given me hugs saying ‘we miss him so much.’

“Sometimes, Sean, with literal tears in their eyes.”

Trump offered literally no evidence for this outpouring of affection for his father which seems suspect at best.

Firstly, why is Eric accepting random hugs from strangers, especially during a pandemic? Also, do Trump supporters really miss the guy so much that they want to hug Eric? Where were these people? Were they crying before or after they saw Eric? All very important details that he neglected to tell us.

As you can imagine, folks weren’t convinced by Eric’s bold claim and had other ideas as to what was actually going on.

Needless to say, Eric might have to come up with better stories about his random interactions before people start believing him.

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