Lara Trump criticises Congress for treatment of Marjorie Taylor Greene
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Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to the former US president, has criticised the decision to strip congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee roles, branding it “horrific”. 

The Georgia representative was removed from the House Education and Labour Committee, as well as the House Budget Committee, following her vocal support for unfounded conspiracy theories. 

Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Lara Trump said the increase in Republican women being elected is “a great thing to see”, but asked why the standard is not being applied “across the board for everyone”.

“We were talking about the way that Congresswoman Greene has been treated, it’s horrific to see, but it shouldn’t shock anybody, because the hypocrisy runs so deep in Washington D.C.

“It’s exactly why we have to pay very close attention to 2022. It’s exactly why we need good Republicans to get out there and run for these offices, because the American people are tired of the games and the politics in Washington D.C.

 “They just want people to get the job done,” she said.

In remarks made on Thursday, Greene told the House that “if it weren’t for the Facebook posts and comments” she liked in 2018, “I wouldn’t be standing here today”.

She continued: “You couldn’t point a finger or accuse me of anything wrong because I’ve lived a very good life that I’m proud of, and my family’s proud of, my husband’s proud of, my children are proud of. That’s what my district elected me for.”

“Will we allow the media that is just as guilty as QAnon of presenting truth and lies to divide us? Will we allow ourselves to be addicted to hate and hating one another? 

“I hope not, because that’s not the future I want for my children and it's not the future I want for any of your children."

Greene was ousted from the two committees following a removal vote by the House, in which representatives voted 230-199.

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