Millions of people were mesmerised by a video of a lemon rolling down a hill and no one can say why

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Literally millions of people watched a video of a lemon rolling down a hill, proving that the Internet has the capacity to be full of wonder.

Michael Sakasegawa, who lives in San Diego, was coming back from his run on Wednesday when he spotted the most simple of things - a lemon rolling down a hill.

"I had to run to catch up with it", he said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

I had initially thought it was a tennis ball or something. As a photographer, a lot of what I take pictures of, and just sort of one of the things I try and do, is elevate the ordinary and mundane.

What became of this travelling citrus? A near two-minute video of a lemon gracefully traversing a hill in San Diego which has amassed nearly 4 million views on Twitter.

Somehow, against all standards of what makes a video watchable, the clip has gone viral.

For one moment, the world of Twitter was united.

The errant fruit weighed 262 grams, but "it was pretty hefty," said Sakasegawa.

The lemon rose to instant fame and its fans gave a lot of suggestions as to what Sakasegawa should do with it.

"A bunch of people think I should make lemonade with it or eat it or something," Sakasegawa said, adding: "A few other people have said 'You need to plant it'".

Reflecting on the bizarre reaction to the lemon, Sakasegawa said:

I don't know that there's really any rhyme or reason for why something gets big on the internet.

Some people have mentioned they find it soothing or relaxing.

You come right down to it, it's just a lemon rolling down a hill.

It's a lemon but yet so much more than a lemon - the hero we need in these dark times.

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