Love Islander Maura Higgins has been praised for the way she handled a tense situation with fellow contestant Tom Walker after he made a "sexist" comment about her.

Higgins chose Walker to take part in an overnight date in the Hideaway, but, just minutes before, the ring girl cancelled after she overheard him questioning if she’s “all mouth or not” to the boys.

As a result, the 28-year-old laid into him, telling him she wasn’t going to the Hideaway, which is where Love Islanders can go to be alone.

Later, the topic of double standards and sexism came up, with Higgins telling the girls: “He’s trying to be a lad with all the boys. I don’t want a lad, I want a gentleman. Someone who’s going to talk about me with a bit of respect.”

She added: “We’re in 2019. Why is it such a big deal when a girl talks about sex? Why is it such a big deal? Me talking about sex doesn't mean I'm going to jump on top of you.”

The men on the island had a different opinion, with Walker telling them: “She can’t get it all big and not be able to take a bit of banter like that,” and Michael Griffiths called her reaction "double standards".

Viewers engaged with the debate online, with many arguing that a woman being open about sex doesn’t automatically mean she’s up for it – and assuming that that’s the case is sexist.

Others grew angry that Higgins was being shamed for talking about sex and making assumptions about her sexual history.

And people argued that Tom's comment is a prime example of "how women are objectified".

"No girl is a piece of meat."

Others, including Islander Michael, accused Maura of double standards - why can she make sexual innuendos but Tom can't?

But that argument was quickly shot down.

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