Malaga airport 'runs out of beer' following air traffic chaos

Malaga airport 'runs out of beer' following air traffic chaos
Transport Secretary Mark Harper apologises for major air traffic control failure

The air traffic disruption, which could potentially last for days, has experienced yet another spanner in the works for Brits stuck abroad: A beer shortage.

BBC 1 host and HelpI Sexted My Boss podcaster Jordan North took to Twitter with the disappointing discovery.

"Delayed at Malaga airport for possibly ‘many hours’, and they’ve ran out of beer at the terminal," he told his followers online, which was soon met by 'concerned' spectators about the "third world problem."

"Big new line on #airtrafficcontrol story," one person joked, while another added: "Things just got real."

Meanwhile, a third humoured: "Just adding insult to injury now."


It comes after the disruption left thousands of passengers stranded due to a technical fault in the UK’s air traffic control (ATC) system.

A technical glitch happened on Monday (28 August) and continued to the following day.

Transport secretary Mark Harper called the incident the worst of its kind in "nearly a decade," adding that an "independent review" will be carried out.

Harper told GB News: "This was a technical fault. We do not think this was a cybersecurity incident.

"And what will happen now with an incident of this magnitude is there will be an independent review.

"The Civil Aviation Authority will be putting together a report in the coming days, which obviously I will take a look at to see whether there are lessons to learn for the future, to see whether we can reduce the impact of this again.

"It’s nearly a decade since there was a significant issue like this," he continued. "We want to make sure it doesn’t happen again, because of all the disruption that’s been caused to passengers across the country."

Indy100 reached out to Malaga airport for comment.

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