Man who ate Chipotle for 500 days straight now wants to try something new

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Chipotle restaurants aren't huge in the UK yet, but the Mexican fast food chain is a big deal in the United States.

The company specialises in food traditionally associated with Mexico, such as tortillas, tacos and quesadillas.

Not to give them too much free publicity, but they are very tasty and it appears that one man in Ohio would agree with us.

A man from Tiffin in the north of Ohio, who ate Chipotle for 500 consecutive days has said enough is enough and now wants to try something new.

Bruce Wayne (yes, that is his real name) ended this amazing streak at his local branch on Wednesday.

His final order was a set of mini quesadillas and to make matters even better (or bizarre), he turned up dressed as Batman (he had to, really) and posed for a few photos which he shared on Instagram.

He thanked everyone at the restaurant for being a class act.

Wayne now holds the somewhat prestigious record of eating Chipolte for the most consecutive days.

He broke the record in December achieving the total of 426 but was obviously compelled to round that figure up to 500.

In honour of his record, Chipolte donated $4,260 to Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment, acknowledging the $10-a-day average he spent at their stores.

On day 499 of his streak, Wayne wrote on Instagram:

What an absolutely wonderful journey it's been the past 499 days.

Tomorrow ends my streak.

Tomorrow isn't just the end of the one adventure; it's the start of a new one. Stay tuned...

As well as being a big advocate of Mexican fast food, Wayne is also a thoroughly decent guy and regularly dresses as the Caped Crusader for children's events and charitable causes.

May your fast food adventures continue to serve you and others well in the future, Batman.

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