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A man travelling on a mobility scooter was captured in a photo gripping a snake.

Commuters noticed the man, who was holding a snake at arm’s length, crawling along the path next to the South Circular in Streatham.

You can’t make this stuff up.

A Crowydon resident by the name of David Videcette told the Croydon Advertiser: 'I’m from South London and it’s full of odd and eclectic characters, you can never really tell what some of them are going to do.'

But this guy is the king of juxtaposition – fighting with his snake on the south circular as he rode his mobility scooter – I was amazed at it.

Reactions to the snake man have been... mixed to say the least

The Twitter post of the man was shared tens of thousands of times, thrusting him and the critter in viral acclaim.

Apparently, the man is a local. One Twitter user wrote:

I’ve met this guy down Hillside park in Streatham couple of times.

Another added:

I saw this guy at the Lambeth County Show a few weeks ago. They were doing bag searches on the way in so must have let him in with his snake.

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