This beautiful rainbow snake is ideal for Pride Month


From Harry Potter books to Taylor Swift videos, snakes aren’t always portrayed in the most positive light in popular-culture.

But one beautiful species is about to change this. We’d go as far to say that you haven’t lived until you’ve seen it.

Twitter user @painthands posted a selection of photos of a snake that appears to have rainbow scales as it catches the sun. Xenopeltis unicolor is a nonvenomous colubrid originating from south-east Asia.

Twitter users immediately fell in love with the reptile. Nothing has improved relations between humans and snakes this drastically since Britney’s iconic Slave 4 U performance.

Members of the LGBT+ community praised the snake’s rainbow appearance, describing it as the perfect reptile for LGBT+ Pride Month.

Though before you consider this snake as your newest pet, @painthands recommends doing your research, as Xenopeltis are notoriously difficult to look after.

Still, this is one snake we’d be OK with seeing on our plane. Well, maybe not.

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