This man knits jumpers of places and then goes to those places wearing the jumpers

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 09 January 2017 14:45
Picture:(Artistic Knitting of Sam Barsky)

To say Sam Barsky is good at knitting is an understatement of grave proportions.

The award-winning artist from Baltimore, Maryland has taken the internet by storm with his charming jumper designs – inspired by the scenic places he traverses.

Barsky hand-knits famed landmarks and places – and then visits them and takes a picture wearing the jumper.

For Barsky, what began as nothing more than an interesting hobby in 2000 turned into a way of life.

He told Mashable:

I've been knitting sweaters… One after another, featuring either generic scenery or specific landmarks. Anything that crosses my eyes is a potential sweater.

Times Square:

Miracle on 34th Street...on 34th Street:

Niagara Falls jumper... Next to Niagara Falls:

Artistically arranged cards:

And this snowy landscape:

These power lines:

A stadium:

The Solar System:

They really are quite something:


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