Man tells his wife: you're pregnant

Just like the cat videos and flash-mobs, pregnancy announcement videos have become a YouTube staple over recent years.

Always heart-warming and full of tears, usually the happy variety, a quick search of the term on any video sharing website brings forth thousands of examples of a wife revealing to her husband, or a couple to the world, that they are expecting a baby.

American YouTubers Sam and Nia posted one such video to their channel, with a slight twist: the wife had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant.

In the video, which has gained more than three million views in two days, Sam explains that he thought Nia may be pregnant after she told him that her period was late.

Rather than just accepting this information and waiting to see if his suspicions are true, Sam takes matters into his own hands and purchases a pregnancy test.

Knowing that Nia never flushes the toilet during the night to prevent disturbing their two young children, which means he can easily take a test without her knowledge.

When he breaks the news to Nia, she assumes he is pulling a prank - and then the truth sinks in. Watch the full video below:

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